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Installation: Asbury First United Methodist Church
1050 East Avenue
Rochester, NY
Scope: Toilet Compartments and Accessories
for Two Bathrooms
Mat and Frame for Main Entrance
Architect: Bero Architecture
Rochester, NY
General Contractor: Frank J. Marianacci Inc.
Bloomfield, NY
Vendors: Bradley Corporation and The Mills® Company
Menomonee Falls, WI
Reese Enterprises
Rosemount, MN
Products: Mills® Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions
Bradley Toilet Accessories
Reese Pedigrid Entrance Mat & Frame

Ceiling-hung stainless steel toilet partitions provide a sleek, modern look with the convenience of easy floor maintenance. Bradley's classic stainless washroom accessories make these public restrooms comfortable yet functional. The entrance to this church's wonderful new space is enhanced by another classic, a black Pedigrid mat in a clear anodized frame -- easy to maintain, providing safe footing for all who enter.


This church setting demanded top-shelf materials: stainless steel partitions and hardware.

Grab bar and toilet tissue dispenser

The stainless grab bar and toilet tissue dispenser make the installation feel "all of a piece."


Women’s restroom with paper towel dispenser/waste in foreground.


Women’s restroom.


Stainless steel toilet partitions establish a sense of permanence and beauty.


The church is an architectural classic.

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