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Inpro Corporation

You'll find the features you need in Inpro Corporation's line of cubicle track and curtains:

  • Clickeze cubicle track systems available in straight and curved lengths of aluminum or PVC vinyl
  • Custom track bends are available to meet your needs
  • Four different styles of curtains offer nearly 50 colors and patterns
  • A fifth curtain style is both anti-bacterial and stain resistant, incorporating Aegis Microbe Shield resistant technology to ward off Staph, E. coli, MRSA, and more -- ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • EZE-Mesh -- perfect for privacy curtains -- comes in 5 different heights:  12", 20", 22", 28", and 36"

To learn more about Inpro Corporation, please visit their website:

For assistance in configuring and ordering your cubicle track and curtains, contact McClain Associates.

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